Travel Insurance

Don't Leave Home Without It!

We understand that when you’re traveling, you don’t want to worry about a thing. But events happen, even to the well-prepared travelers. You may have to cancel your trip at the last minute to tend to a family emergency. You may need medical assistance when you’re away. Your baggage may go missing, or there may be damage to your personal property. You just never know.

Ask yourselves a few questions:
  1. an emergency comes up and I have to cancel my trip - do I lose my money? 
  2. what happens if my trip has to be cut short, or I have to extend my trip due to an illness at destination?
  3. would I be able to (or want to) pay for toiletries/clothes and other necessities if my luggage is lost?
  4. could I afford an air ambulance home?
  5. does my current coverage through work or my credit card pay up front for medical expenses? or cover everyone that's traveling with me?  

Here is a brief summary of the different travel insurance plans that I suggest. This is only a very brief summary, and you should read the full policy for the specific details of what is included, and what is not included.

  1. ALL Inclusive Coverage - Travel Insurance covers your emergency medical needs; doctor visits, tests, hospitalization, etc. This plan also covers cancellation, interruption and trip delays, flight accident, travel accident, delayed baggage & personal effects and damaged baggage.
  2. NON-Medical Coverage - As above, but without any medical in destination
  3. Emergency Hospital & Medical - only covers medical while in destination

  1. BASIC Coverage - Trip Cancellation & Interruption to 100% of trip cost, emergency medical to $15,000 max
  2. SELECT Coverage - Trip Cancellation & Interruption to 150% of trip cost, emergency medical to $50,000 max.   This must be purchased within 21 days of deposit to add in 'CANCEL FOR ANY REASON' upgrade and an extra $50K in medical coverage

Policy Descriptions... click on the links below for the policy to open up:
USA Select Coverage
USA Basic Coverage