Travel Health / Documents

Travel Documentation Required
This sailing will require PASSPORTS with a minimum of 6 (six) months beyond your travel dates. The names on your cruise documents MUST match your passports.  If you do not yet have a passport at time of registration, please note that this information will need to be provided to our agency BEFORE FINAL BALANCE is due.

Specific Country Requirements:  
USA Citizens:  for visits to Haiti and St. Maartens
Canadian Citizens:  for visits to Haiti and St. Maartens and Puerto Rico

Travel Health
This cruise itinerary sails to the Caribbean and as such it is important to be aware of any health requirements.  Your family doctor or a travel health clinic are the best to advise you on what is right for you.

I always recommend that my clients visit the government of Canada's and USA's informational website for Travel Health Advice here: 

ZIKA - as you've heard in the news over the last year, the Zika virus is circulating through the Caribbean plus a number of warmer southern USA states.

Both the CDC and the Canadian Government recommend a [practice special precautions] by protecting yourself from mosquito bites and discussing with your health professional particularly if you intending to travel while pregnant.  Websites to visit for additional info:

1)   Canada:
2)   CDC: