About the Callers

Rod Shuping
Rod Shuping

I have been calling Square Dances since 1971. In 2008 I gave up working a day job and became a full time caller.

I am co-owner and producer of three Square Dance record labels (Fine Tune, Gold Wing & Sharpshooter) I have been lucky to have recorded many top ten Square Dance Singing Calls and helped produce many more.

I  married my wife, Gail, in 1978 and we have three children and six (so far) grandchildren. Square dancing has been a major part of our lives and has brought many friends and good times our way. I strive to make every dance I call an enjoyable event for all who attend.

Wendy VanderMeulen
Wendy VanderMeulen

Wendy has been dancing since 1985 and calling since 2001.  Wendy is passionate about square dancing and wishes she didn't have to work, so she could focus on square dancing and calling full time.  She teaches and calls Basics through Plus and loves every minute of it.

Wendy is thrilled to have recorded 6 singing calls in the last few year that have been well received.  Five of those were with SharpShooter (thanks to Rick Hampton and Rod Shuping!)

Wendy and her partner of 32 years, John Charman, live in St-Albert, Ontario, a small village just outside of Ottawa - Canada's beautiful Capital.

Lorne Clayton

Lorne Clayton
Lorne is a Marine Biologist by training with over 40 years experience in the field.  For the past ~30 years Lorne has been co-owner and Director of IEC INTERNATIONAL a consulting company which has successfully completed over 660 successful projects in over 20 countries.  Lorne is a Registered Professional Biologist. Lorne is a Canadian Citizen.

Barbara has recently retired from a position as a Medical Office Assistant, University of Victoria, Medical Centre.  A native of southern California Barbara has lived in Canada since 1988 and is a US Citizen and was recently granted her Canadian Citizenship.

Square Dance
Lorne and Barbara met at square dance lessons in 1991 and were married in 1993.  Together they have been square dancing for 26 years and Round Dancing for 23 years.

Lorne has been square dance calling since 1998.  Lorne and Barbara are the Club Caller Couple (Plus-Mainstream) for the MAVERICKS SQUARE DANCE CLUB the oldest continually dancing club in Canada (celebrating 65 years in 2017).   Lorne and Barbara are also the instructor couple for the SAANICH  SQUARES, a Mainstream Club.

Lorne and Barbara are world travelers, some 30 countries so far, and are registered with POSH TALKS of Palm Springs, California and both teach/call Square Dancing, Round Dancing, and Contra for Cruise Lines, including, Royal Caribbean’s “Rhapsody of the Seas” and “Vision of the Seas”.  In 2017 Lorne called/cued  Square Dancing/Round Dancing on the “Celebrity Infinity” on a 7 day trip to Alaska.

Lorne is one of Canada’s leading Square Dance recording artists with some 28 recordings to-date.  Lorne is a Staff Caller & Recording Artist with GOLDWING RECORDS of Southern California and a “Guest Caller” with SHINDIG PRODUCTIONS of Johannesburg, South Africa.

In addition
is a Member of CARAS the Cdn Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences
is a Member of the International Callers Association-CALLERLAB
is Licensed by SOCAN for performing copy-write music in Canada
is also a Round Dance Cuer and cues to Phase II+
has called in Canada, USA (including Alaska), Caribbean, and Mexico.
has been nominated twice for a Canadian Juno Award for his SD Recordings

Gary Winter
Gary Winter

Gary was only 8 years old when he started square dancing back in 1984. During his first lessons he decided then, that he wanted to become a Square Dance Caller and so in 1986 Murray Few started teaching Gary the basic techniques of Square Dance Calling. Gary has attended several caller schools in Canada and the USA, most recently a GSI school with Tony Oxendine and Jerry Jestin.

Over the last 29 years Gary has been a club caller for 9 different Square Dance Clubs, and has traveled throughout Western and Central  Canada, Western USA, Germany and Austria calling weekend specials, festivals, and conducting callers clinics as well as several Provincial, National and World Conventions. He currently is the Club Caller for West Edmonton Promenaders & Crossfire Plus and A in Edmonton, Alberta.

Gary is a resident recording caller with Shindig Productions and has 7 releases to date. You can hear them at http://shindigproductions.co.za

When Gary is not calling Square Dances, or being “Dad”, he has a full time job as shop foreman, at a local Dodge Dealership. Gary also likes to spend time outdoors, camping, golfing, downhill skiing, quading, snowmobiling and various water sports with his 2 sons Coen and Kaiden and his wife Trish.

Leo & Rochelle Catt
Leo & Rochelle Catt 

Leo and Rochelle Catt are a Caller and Cuer couple who were both born and raised in Washington State but currently reside in Ramona California with their 2 dogs Max and Ariah and are still and will always be avid Seahawk Fans.

Leo is celebrating his 13th year as a caller and calls Mainstream and Plus. Before moving to California Leo founded the Swingnuts Square and Round Dance Club in Sumner, Washington and was an officer of Northwest Callers as well as Rainier Caller and Cuers Associations. While Rochelle is celebrating her 5th year as a Cuer and cues phase 2-5 and some phase 6. She got her start doing various guest cueing in the Puget Sound Area and then the Swingnuts offered her, her first club as a Club Cuer.

Then 4 years ago Leo was offered a position that they could not say no to in San Diego California and the pair moved. They immediately got back involved in the Square Dance World by bringing Square dancing back to Ramona California and founded the Crazy 8's Square and Round Dance Club who continue to grow and are now members of the San Diego Square Dance Association. Leo is the club caller for the Crazy 8's and calls for various special dances in the San Diego area. He is also a staff caller for Goldwing/Finetune/Sharpshooter records and has just signed on to be one of the callers for the Goldwing/Finetune/Sharpshooter cruise in 2019. Rochelle is the club cuer for the Crazy 8's and the Dancing Shadows. As well as one of the cuers for the Circulators and Whirlaways Square and Round Dance clubs in the San Diego Area. She has also signed on to be one of the cuers on the Goldwing/Finetune/Sharpshooter cruise in 2019. Both Rochelle and Leo are members of the San Diego Callers Association and the San Diego Round Dance Instructor Association. In addition Leo is a member of Caller Lab while Rochelle is a member of Round a lab.

Brian Freed

Brian Freed
I learned to square dance in 1987 with the Bloomington Swirlers in Bloomington, MN.  Wayne Tauer was the caller.  I first tried calling in 1991 and it took me until 2007 to call again.  In 2009 I got serious about calling so with the help of Mike Driscoll I began the process.   I made my professional debut as a caller in September 2009 when I called at the TTT square dance club. In October of 2009 I began teaching my first class of beginners for the Ar-Dales square dance club. Also in October of 2009 I attended and completed the Pride Callers Collage which is held in North Carolina and is taught by Jerry Story, Tony Oxendine, Jon Jones and Deborah Carroll-Jones. In 2010, I called at my first conventions by calling at the Iowa State Convention, the Minnesota State Convention and the NSDC in Louisville, KY.

I also attended and completed the GSI Caller’s School in Louisville, KY and in 2013 I attended the North Star Callers school that was held in Mankato, MN and my instructors were Ken Ritucci, Scot Byers and Bear Miller.

In 2015 I attended the North Star Callers school with Ken Ritucci and Randy Dougherty. I am a member of CallerLab, The Minnesota State Square Dance Callers Association (MSDCA), the Iowa State Callers, Cuers and Instructors Association (ISSCIA) and I am a member of Swingmasters which is the Central District Callers Association.  My home club is the Sunday Squares and I call for them on the 4th Sunday of the month.

In 2015 I was invited to join the staff of Gold Wing Records, to date I have recorded 6 songs (with more on the way) including Rhinestone Cowboy

I am the 2017-2019 Vice President of the Square Dance Federation of Minnesota as well as their Webmaster. I am also the 2017-2018 President of Swingmasters and I serve on the Marketing Committee of CallerLab.

Monte Guenzler
Monte Guenzler

Hi, I am Monte Guenzler.  I live in Rochester, Minnesota and have been calling since 2012.  I am a member of the American Callers Association and The Minnesota Square Dance Callers Association (MSDCA).

I first learned how to Square Dance in 1975 and have been Square Dancing ever since.  I first thought about becoming a caller back in 1987, but with a wife and a new son on the way, I put that idea on the back burner.  Then in the year 2012, I decided it was time to pursue a calling career.  I attended North Star Callers School where I met one of my mentors, Dick Reuter.  My other influential mentor is Wayne Kubichek.  I am the caller I am today, because of these two guys.

My goal when calling a Square Dance, is to make it fun and danceable.  I believe this is what has made me as popular as I am today.  I call from 85 to 100 dances a year and firmly believe in K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple and Sweet).  I hope that all the dancers at my dances go home thinking about the fun and camaraderie experienced at a dance of mine.

In 2014 my wife, Patty, and I started Kaleidoscope Squares.  We started with only four students and four angels.  We now have over 30 members. Two years ago, we added a Plus level dance every Thursday night and it has been a roaring success.  To our other credit, we have also led our dancers on a segment of the television show, Off 90.

I conduct close to 20 ABC dances a year.  These introductory dances are geared towards getting people out on the dance floor who have never danced before, but are interested in trying Square Dancing.  I call this type of dance at county fairs, town festivals and at private parties through out the year.  I also call each year at the Minnesota State Fair and at the Kentucky Square Dance Convention.

I hope to make my first trip to the USA West Square Dance Convention being held in Reno Nevada this upcoming August.  Last year, I was invited to become a staff caller for Goldwing Records.  I am now working on my fourth song with more to come.